You must have the talent that uniquely fits your organization. Right People, Right Seats – and you have to have both.

Recruiting is an art and science. With over 25 years of recruiting experience, inVantage knows what really good recruiters do to ensure they get results.  We also know the best recruiters and firms in the business, with long-standing and deep relationships.

Our approach is unique.  We don't do recruiting ourselves.  Instead, we do the legwork for you.  We match companies with the right recruiting partners, saving them an incredible amount of time trying to find, evaluate and contract with the perfect recruiter for their needs, and save money with competitive pricing already negotiated for you.  

How we do this:

  1. inVantage has selected and negotiated pricing with select recruiting partners.  
  2. All firms must adhere to inVantage's strict quality and process to ensure both candidates and your company have a very positive experience.
  3. We have partners with expertise in executive search, manufacturing, engineering, IT/high tech, sales, human resources, outsourced projects - small and large scale, and RPO.  So if you have one or 1.000 positions to fill, we can get you connected with the best company to do it for you.
  4. Our recruiting partner's stand behind their candidates and agree to a one-year guarantee, which is the best guarantee in the business (does not apply to high volume or RPO).

We also offer access to many hiring assesments based on your needs, which adds critical data insights to the decision-making process. 

Are you ready to save time AND money while finding the right talent for your organization?

inVantage Recruiting For Success Model

Define to Attract

  • Select an inVantage recruiting partner with our assistance
  • Begin the marketing process and articulate a compelling business vision to engage the right talent
  • Define what the Right People, Right Seats uniquely are for your role
  • The selected firm will work with you to develop a well-defined, accountable leadership functional job description that will attract the right people and repel the wrong ones

Focus to Motivate

  • Add details to the profile to include the new hire's goals for the first 90 days and the first year - what they are signing up for to motivate them to deliver
  • Recruiter(s) calibrate potential candidates for a highly targeted search.
  • Recruiters also prepare the interview team (all on same page): provide tools for an engaging process

Select for Right Person, Right Seat

  • Hiring is a process of both art (interview) + science (assessments) - decide to hire based on data and facts
  • Experienced recruiter(s) conducts a deep dive search for your unique role
  • Thorough and thoughtful recruiting process for a great experience

Our Guarantee

  • Our recruiting partners stand behind their candidate quality. If the candidate is terminated for performance in the first year, they will provide two additional fully-vetted candidates to choose from at no additional fee.

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